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Something Darker..

There are many dualities in this world. Happy or Sad… Spicy or Sweet… Night and Day. For one to exsist the other needs to pull it’s weight in kind.

For me as an artist I have always shown one side of my work. The pieces I think people will like, the colorful and exciting blowout works. Though I love my previous art there has been an imbalance to what is actually seen, and because of that I don’t totally feel seen.

I suppose it’s time to change that.

I recently have been working on pieces that speak to my heart directly, and reflect some of my own interests.. academia, history, fantasy etc.. and feel the need to document more of my other facets.. some that are in the dark at the moment.

that being said..

Welcome to my shadow side, the work that is rarely shown, and an Olivia few know.

I’m excited to start sharing more of my personal art with you and hope you enjoy seeing even more soon.

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