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20x24 Glicee Print on Matte Paper


a painting born from the joy of reading. often the artist escapes this world by diving head-first into characters, pages and books. there is nothing on the planet that compares to a well written, morally grey "villain" who feels more friend than paper once the book is done.


"High Lord" is surrounded by darkness, feels apart from our reality, and is backlit by 10,000 stars. This piece comes to you now as a Glicee Print on matte paper the same way the artist uses matte acrylic paint to enhance the "movie" effect.


whether you choose to love him with wings or without, the high lord will transport you visually the same way our favorite books do.


Looking for smaller size? Purchase 11x14

"High Lord" Print (With Wings) 20x24

SKU: 30243331784312095588
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